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Child Support

Services available through the Union County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA)

Location of Absent Parents

Paternity Establishment

Establishment of Child Support and Medical Orders

Administrative Review & Adjustment

Enforcement of Court Orders

Collection and Disbursement of Child and Spousal Support


Services CSEA CANNOT provide

Determine Custody of Child(ren)

Negotiate or Mediate Visitation or Disputes

Collect on Medical Bills

Collect or Enforce Property Settlements


The most current and up to date information on your case can be found by registering with the Ohio Child Support Customer Service Web Portal.


What can you access on the Web Portal?

View & Print Payment History

Recent Payment Activity

Your Address and Employment Information

Email Case Managers

Health Insurance Information


What is Cash Medical?

If private health insurance is not available or not provided as ordered, cash medical support must be paid until private health insurance becomes available or provided as ordered.  For more information on Medical Support Orders, please click here.


Commonly Used Forms

- CSEA_General_Application.pdf

- e-QuickPay_Enrollment_Form.pdf

- Request_for_Reveiw_Form_JFS_01849.pdf

- Review_Packet_JFS_07606.pdf