GED Information

The General Educational Development (GED) Test provides many Ohioans who did not finish high school an opportunity to earn an Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma. Like a regular high school diploma, the GED diploma gives the diploma holder the opportunity to obtain employment, to apply for career advancement, to pursue higher education goals, or to reach a personal goal. Earning an Ohio GED High School Equivalence Diploma is something to be proud of! (This information was taken from the ODE website: Ohio Department of Education - GED - FAQ )

Score Requirements

There are two scoring requirements an applicant must achieve to earn an Ohio GED.

The applicant must earn a minimum total score of 2250 points; and
The applicant must earn a minimum sub-test score of 410 points on each of the five subjects.
NOTE: Earning 410 points on each of the sub-test subjects does NOT meet the minimum total score requirement of 2250 points.

The five subjects tested on the GED are Language Arts-Writing, Language Arts-Reading, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. All tests are based on a 12th-grade curriculum. (This information was taken from the ODE website-: Ohio Department of Education- GED- FAQ )

Locally offered GED Test Schedule

Click here for the times and locations of tests given locally or call for the latest schedule:  937-644-2796 or 877-585-4833.

Ten Quick Steps to earn your GED

Ten Quick Steps