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What can I do about a wild animal that is a nuisance around my home?

If possible, determine the type of species causing the conflict. Next, try to figure out the attractant, such as food, water, or shelter. Finally, try to "build the culprit out" by modifying the area to keep the conflict species from gaining access or using it. If all fails, contact Brent Nickel at (937) 642-5871, ext. 2220 for species specific tech sheets (outline the life history, biology and conflict resolution for various animals) and/or a list of service nuisance trappers that serve the area.

I have found a wild animal that appears to be orphaned and/or injured. What should I do?

Immediately contact the wildlife rehabilitators at the Ohio Wildlife Center for specific instruction by calling their 24-hour hotline at (614) 793-WILD.