GovDeals Surplus Property Online Auction

Date: April 21, 2016

GovDeals Surplus Property Auction


The Board of Union County Commissioners hereby gives notice that they intend to sell unneeded or obsolete personal property, including that personal property which is unfit for County use, by internet auction.  Such personal property may include motor vehicles acquired for the use of County officers and departments, and road machinery, equipment, tools, or supplies that is not needed for public use, is obsolete and/or is unfit for the use for which it was acquired.              

In accordance with O.R.C. 307.12, the Board of Union County Commissioners has contracted with GovDeals Inc., 100 Capitol Commerce Blvd., Suite 110, Montgomery, Alabama, 36117, to conduct the internet auctions.   The Board of Union County Commissioners also specifies that the number of days for bidding on all property listed on the internet auction shall not be less than ten (10) days, including Saturdays, Sundays and all legal holidays.  

The Board of Union County Commissioners may establish a minimum price that will be accepted for specific items and may establish other terms and conditions for any particular sale, including, but not limited to, requirements for pick-up or delivery, method of payment and sales tax.  This same information shall also be provided on the internet at the time of the auction and may be provided prior to that time upon request. 

This Notice shall be published in a newspaper in general circulation in Union County, Ohio at least twice.  The second publication shall be no less than ten (10) nor more than twenty (20) days following the first publication. 

                A similar notice shall be posted in the offices of the Union County Auditor and the Board of Union County Commissioners.  A copy of the notice shall also be posted on the Union County’s website at  continually through the calendar year. 

Publish:  Journal Tribune 4/7/16 and 4/18/16
Commissioners Office, Auditors Office, Union County Website


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