Treasurer Picture

As County Treasurer, one of my main goals is to ensure that residents of Union County receive the highest level of service possible while being a good steward of the taxpayers trust and finances.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me directly Andrew J Smarra at (937) 645-3085 or by email at

As County Treasurer, I am entrusted with the County's finances and am responsible for the daily balancing of the monies in the County's 200+ funds.  I am also the County's Investment Officer, managing an average portfolio of $45 million.

I serve on numerous boards as required by the law, including the Data Processing Board, Investment Advisory Board, Board of Revision, Union County Land Reutilization Corporation and the Budget Commission.

Over the years I have seen the County's rapid growth.  This growth has caused a tremendous increase in the work load at the office and I am committed to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the office's operations.

Duties of the County Treasurer:

  • Annual general fund budget just under $180,000
  • 3 Full Time employees
  • Collect nearly $70 million in real estate taxes (on the average, 70% of these revenues goes to the local schools)
  • Chief Investment Officer for the County's approximately $60 million portfolio.  Three goals are enforced through our Investment Policy: Safety, Liquidity, Yield
  • Cash Manager, maintain & balancing tax payment records on more than 28,000 parcels and all monies collected by other departments
  • Balances all funds (200) daily with the County Auditor
  • Redeems warrants issued by the County Audito