Union County, Ohio

Administrative Division


Director Barbara Sattler
(937) 645-4102, Ext 4427

The Administrative Division is responsible for research and development, inspections, legal matters, vehicle maintenance, financial, personnel administration, Accounts Payable, processes purchase orders, orders equipment, consumable goods, quatermaster system for uniforms, vehicle reservations, vendor contacts, inventory, range scheduling and billing. Payroll, payroll related reports, specialized billings and budgetary reports.

Alicia Bosch
Executive Assistant/Human Resources
(937) 645-4100, Ext 4448

Provides administrative support to the Sheriff and the Command Staff on a daily basis. Maintains the Sheriff's Office website. Responsible for Human Resource duties, Drug Screenings, Application Process, Employee Benefits and routine Human Resource correspondence and activities.

Christy Heckel
Administrative Assistant
(937) 645-4102, Ext. 4430

Responsible for all functions pertaining to data entry and filing for training files, inventory and quatermaster, special duty details, greeting and assisting the public on a routine basis, answering phones, operating the mail machine, assisting with minutes during meetings, cross trained to assist with Accounts Payable.

UCSO Organizational Chart