Union County, Ohio

Deaths Involving the Developmentally Disabled

313.12 Notice to coroner of violent, suspicious, unusual or sudden death .

(A)  When any person dies as a result of criminal or other violent means, by casualty, by suicide, or in any suspicious or unusual manner, when any person, including a child under two years of age, dies suddenly when in apparent good health, or when any mentally retarded person or developmentally disabled person dies regardless of the circumstances , the physician called in attendance, or any member of an ambulance service, emergency squad, or law enforcement agency who obtains knowledge thereof arising from the person's duties, shall immediately notify the office of the coroner of the known facts concerning the time, place, manner, and circumstances of the death, and any other information that is required pursuant to sections  313.01  to  313.22  of the Revised Code. In such cases, if a request is made for cremation, the funeral director called in attendance shall immediately notify the coroner.

(B)   As used in this section, "mentally retarded person" and "developmentally disabled person" have the same meanings as in section  5123.01  of the Revised Code.