Union County, Ohio

Disaster Planning

The Union County plans for animals in disasters including natural and man made disasters that affect families, emergencies caused by animals, and surveillance for potential disease outbreaks such as avian influenza or rabies.  These plans encompass many agencies and volunteers including UCHS, Dog Warden, law enforcement, Red Cross, health departments, local veterinarians, national animal emergency response teams, etc.

It’s important to develop a plan for your family.  Here are some resources:

http://www.aspca.org   Follow Disaster Preparedness link for downloadable brochures, planning tips and books. 
http://www.avma.org   Follow the Public link to the Disaster Preparedness link for downloadable guides and brochures.

http://www.uan.org   United Animal Nations has training resources and evacuation lists online
http://www.americanhumane.org    Follow link to Protecting Animals.  Follow link to Disaster Preparedness.  
http://www.hsus.org     Humane Society of the United States
http://www.training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/crslist.asp   The Federal Emergency Management Agency has online classes to teach you how to prepare your family and your pet for a disaster.