Union County, Ohio

Dog Warden

med1032939406_o_1.jpg Mary Beth Andrascik, Chief Dog Warden

After receiving a degree in Animal Science at the Ohio State University, my entire career has centered on helping animals.  Over 18 years ago, I began my public service career in Animal Control.  I have brought those experiences and education to Union County since I began my position as the Union County Dog Warden in 2007.  Personally, I share my life here in Central Ohio with 3+ horses, 3 dogs and 2 cats, plus a myriad of four legged friends that find their way into my home to visit until they find their permanent homes.  Blaze, a treeing walker coonhound that I adopted from UCHS after capturing him as a stray, has become a spokes-dog for Coonhound Companions which is a group dedicated to helping hounds become family companions across the US & Canada.   I enjoy competing and training my dogs in agility, obedience, tracking, and field dog competitions.  I'm certified as a field dog judge for several venues.

Personal Mission Statment

Upon listening to my ad lib voice-overs that I was giving to a group of horses at play, someone once said to me "You know, I never knew that horses had personalities, but now I can see that they do!"

My mission is not to falsely project any human trait upon animals.  Rather, my mission is to reduce the overpopulation and the dumping of animals at shelters and rescues by sharing the beauty of each animal's individual persona with the world.  If people can be taught to treasure each animal for its personality, whether it’s wild, feral or domestic, whether couch potato or chained, mutt or champion; perhaps then people won't be so quick to abandon, abuse or neglect the lives of the animals around them.

My mission is to share my "tricks of the trade."  I want to teach people ways to better the lives of their pets and their families.  Each pet I've owned has shared new lessons with me.  I wish to share those gifts with as many people as I can, so that I can prevent some of life's hard knocks through shared knowledge.

Vision Statement

I will embrace all opportunities to learn new and better ways of accomplishing the goals through education and training.

I will enhance and enrich the bonds between pets and owners through the sharing of knowledge with patience and empathy.

I will bring together the community of professionals and citizens to mitigate animal disasters.

I will consistently raise expectations of service in the community and compliance with ordinances.

I will bring resources to the community to solve problems and reach goals.

The measure of success:

Increased compliance with dog licensing

Reduction in unadoptable strays through improved ownership identification

Increased harmony and trust in the community

Reduction in pet overpopulation

Decrease in animal bites

Mission Statment

Exceed the citizens expectations with dedicated service that protects public safety and property and continually enriches lives and bonds between people and animals.

Maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.

Proactively strive to consistently improve the services of the office through training and education.
Treat all people and animals with respect, empathy, and kindness no matter what their disposition or circumstances.

Live up to the Oath of Office without violating the constitutional rights of any citizen

Core Values

P ublic Service  by reaching out to the community with clear communications and ethically providing the highest levels of response to community needs.
E nrich lives of pets and humans through sharing of knowledge, enforcement of laws, and dedication to public safety.  Enrich bonds between people and animals by resourcefully solving problems.
T each character education for children through kindness to animals, teach safety to adults and children with knowledge of animal behavior, achieve compliance with laws through understanding and awareness.
S incerity in words and actions shows respect for the law, respect for people and earns honor and trust.


The Union County Dog Warden serves Union County under the direction of the Commissioners by enforcing Ohio Revised Code 955 Dogs.

Please contact the Dog Warden at (937) 645-3016 for any dogs running at large.  If the dog belongs to a neighbor or if you have witnessed an ongoing problem, any information such as the dog owner's address, name, or dog's name and description of the dog is very helpful.  If you are still having a problem with a neighbor’s dog running loose, even after calls to the Dog Warden’s Office, please call again.  No news is good news, and it might be assumed that the problem was resolved after the first encounter if we don’t hear anything after an initial contact.

If Your Dog Has Been Impounded

The Union County Humane Society houses all dogs impounded by the Union County Dog Warden.  Residents may bring a stray dog to the Union County Humane Society at 16540 County Home Road, Marysville, Ohio.

You will be required to show your dog’s current dog license or purchase one at the shelter in addition to paying redemption fees.

The Union County Humane Society is not responsible for enforcement of the Ohio dog licensing or dog at large laws.  If you have violated these laws, you may be contacted by the Union County Dog Warden after redeeming your dog from the shelter regarding the enforcement of these laws.

If You Have Found A Dog

You can trace Union County dog licenses online to find the dog’s owner in the Dog License Search.   www.doglicenses.us/OH/union

Please contact the Dog Warden and/or UCHS if you have found a dog.

Pet Adoptions

Please stop at the Union County Humane Society, 16540 County Home Road, if you wish to adopt a companion animal. If you don't see a pet fitting your needs, please check back.  There are new animals coming in all of the time.  Many of our pets can be viewed on Pet Finder .

The Union County Humane Society houses all dogs impounded by the Union County Dog Warden.  After a holding period specified by Ohio Revised Code, strays are evaluated for adoption by the Union County Humane Society.

Humane Treatment of Animals

If you have concerns about cruelty, neglect, abuse or abandonment of pets, please contact the UCHS at (937) 642-6716   For a copy of the Ohio humane laws, click here .

Owner Surrendered Pet/Owner Requested Euthanasia

For owner requested euthanasia of pets, please contact a local licensed veterinarian.  The Union County Dog Warden does not accept owner surrenders or provide private euthanasia of pets.  For surrendering an owned pet to UCHS, pet owners need to contact the UCHS in advance to check on availability of this service at 937-642-6716.

Animal Bites, Rabies Testing, and Quarantines

The Union County Dog Warden will respond to animal bites to take a report of the incident, to capture stray animals, or to take an dog in for rabies testing.
For more information about rabies, other zoonotic diseases, and animal bites, please contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053.

Online information about rabies:
U.S. Center for Disease Control
Ohio Department of Health


Upon request, the Union County Dog Warden will attend public meetings and events to answer questions, speak about issues facing animal control, and address concerns.  The Dog Warden will also do educational demonstrations for adults and children on animal safety.