Union County, Ohio

Extra Mile


medRubyresize_1.jpg Meet Ruby, a chocolate Labrador Retriever mix, who was the first recipient of the generosity of our Extra Mile Fund donors.  During the December holiday season, Ruby was found laying in a roadside ditch in the rain and snow.  She could barely walk due to severe swelling in all of her toes. Three of her toenails were completely broken off and the rest were overgrown and curled under.  Poor Ruby had open sores and very poor skin condition.  It was clear to all who saw her that she was in a lot of pain and needed immediate TLC.
Ruby was taken straight to a local veterinarian who tested Ruby's skin condition to make sure that it wouldn't be contagious to the other shelter animals.  Gently and kindly, she received a nail trim and the medications she'd need to give her a boost up on combatting the infections she was fighting.  Who knows how much longer she could have survived in that ditch?

Then it was time to go to the Union County Humane Society where Ruby was given a warm, quiet place to rest, a bellyful of good food and clean water, and lots of love and attention.  As soon as possible, UCHS's Dr. Amy Welker took over Ruby's care.
The best part of the story is that a wonderful family saw Ruby at UCHS and gave her a great home!

In January 2008, the Union County Dog Warden and all the Law Enforcement K9 Units in Union County received these top quality k9 first aid kits from Outdoor Safety to protect and care for our working k9's and our strays.  Many people jump in to help when animals are injured including the Dog Warden, Police Officers and Sheriff's Deputies, Fire Fighters and EMT's.  Extra training for emergency first responders was provided by Dr. Don Mann, DVM, Galena, Ohio.

Warming mats, dog treats, comfy surgical recovery collars and other items have been purchased to help our shelter dogs.  Stray dogs have been treated for heartworm infections, broken pelvis, broken legs, and other injuries.  It is absolutely priceless to know that there are donations waiting to help a dog in the middle of the night when that dog looks at you with big, worried eyes and you know it desperately needs help.

Help us make this a GRRRREAT year for the animals too!  Donations can be mailed to the Union County Auditors Office with "Extra Mile Fund" written in the memo line of the check.  Thank you for your support!