Union County, Ohio

Property & Survey

The Union County Engineer is responsible for creating the tax maps for Union County. The current tax map system consists of a digital GIS mapping database as well as archived historic paper tax maps. The Engineer works closely with the Union County Auditor to maintain coordination between the tax maps and the Auditor’s real estate database.

All subdivisions of land within the unincorporated areas of the County are regulated in accordance with the Subdivision Regulations of Union County. The Union County Engineer reviews preliminary and final plats for major subdivisions and approves minor subdivisions. The Engineer also coordinates other agency reviews, approves construction plans and inspects construction for major subdivisions.

The Union County Engineer reviews existing and all new legal descriptions for compliance with the Conveyance Standards. The Engineer also maintains a record of all surveys and generates and maintains census tract information.

Standards and Regulations

Conveyance Standards
- Technical Design Standards
- Standard Construction Drawings


MAPS Interactive GIS Tax Map
Survey Record
Subdivision Plats
School Districts Map