Union County, Ohio

Record Collections

The Union County Records Center provides access to a large number of records of fiscal, legal and historical importance.  The records are non-circulating – i.e. they may not be checked out like the books in a public library.  They may be researched in the reading room of the Records Center and Archives.  Photocopies can be provided.  Below is a list by department of the collections that are currently available through the Records Center & Archives.  This is  NOT a complete list, but only a list of the inventory that has been completed up to this time.  Currently, the inventory only includes bound volumes – i.e. books.  Records that are exclusively confidential pursuant to state and federal laws or can only be accessed through the office of origin are not listed.


Board of County Commissioners

Board of Elections

Board of Fund Commissioners

Board of Railroad Appraisers and Assessors

Board of Revision

Board of School Examiners

Budget Commission

Children's Services Board (Children's Home)

Clerk of Courts


County Home (Infirmary)

Dog Warden


Jury Commission

Probate Court