Union County, Ohio

Records Center & Archives Guidelines

  • The Union County Records Center & Archives WILL NOT conduct surname searches or title searches for researchers.  Researchers must do their own research.  You MUST ask for a specific existing record and not for information see Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual

  • To prevent permanent marking of research materials, please use pencils for taking notes.

  • Writing on papers placed on top of research materials is prohibited.

  • Do not change the order in which files are found in a records box or file. If this occurs by accident, please inform the reference staff.

  • When you have completed your research, please leave all research materials on the table. Do not re-file the items.

  • The use of non-flash cameras to copy records is permitted.

  • Only Records Center & Archives staff can photocopy records.

  • Members of the public are requested to converse with others in their party in low voices, and supervise children appropriately.

  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited in the Records Center & Archives.

  • Please cite Records Center & Archives materials as follows:

Union County, OH, Title of the Record , (year of the specific record you are using), Union County Records Center & Archives, Marysville, OH, volume number of the book, and page number of the specific document you are citing or the specific record you are citing - e.g. case file name and case file number.


Union County, OH.  Title of the Record .  (year of the specific record you are using).  Union County Records Center & Archives, Marysville, OH.