Union County, Ohio

Sheriff Sales

All sales are at Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware). The Union County Sheriff's Office does not guarantee clear title for deeds.

Terms of Sale

The successful bidder must have a completed purchaser information form. The successful bidder will be required to pay a deposit of 10% of the accepted bid at the end of the bidding of each individual sale.  The successful bidder MUST have personal check, certified check, money order, cashiers check or cash in the amount of 10% of the ending bid at the time the bid is accepted. The successful bidder CANNOT leave the premises before paying the deposit. Do not bid if you do not have with you in your immediate possession cash, personal check, money order, cashiers check or certified check for the deposit. If you do bid and do not have the deposit at the time of sale, the sale shall be immediately declared void, the property re-sold, and you may be cited for contempt of court.  The remainder of the accepted bid is due within 30 days upon confirmation of sale. The starting bid will be two-thirds of the appraised amount, unless otherwise noted. The appraisal may only include an exterior viewing.

A copy of the legal description can be obtained by request via email or in person. Please contact Caitlin Koenig at via  e-mail . or view online at the Clerk of Court's website.

Sheriff’s Sale of Real Estate will be listed in the Marysville Journal Tribune in the Legal Notices section. The ads run for three consecutive weeks prior to sale, in the Friday edition. You may view the ads on-line at  http://www.marysvillejt.com  .

All sales are at the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium, 233 W. 6th St., Marysville, unless otherwise noted in the Marysville Journal Tribune. All sales start at 9:00am.

Please note that the Union County Sheriff’s Office does not have keys to the properties. All properties are sold "as is".  The properties will not be shown before sale. You may contact the attorney listed in the Marysville Journal Tribune Legal Notice for further information regarding this matter.

Purchaser Information Form


June 15, 2016- Sheriff Sales

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