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Employee Wellness Program

UnionCountyWellness-Logo-Color.jpgUnion County Wellness Program

"We encourage and support employees and families to become champions in
their physical and mental wellness, and achieve work/life balance."

          - Union County Wellness Committee

At Union County, we believe the health and wellness of our employees and their families is a top priority. To demonstrate this commitment to well-being, all employees and their spouses are invited to actively participate in the CEBCO Wellness Program and engage in healthy lifestyle programming activities and events. Union County employees (and enrolled spouses) who successfully completed the 2019 CEBCO Wellness Program will be eligible for a Wellness Incentive in the form of a premium reduction for medical insurance during the 2020 calendar year. NOTE: premium savings will vary depending on which plan tier has been elected. Eligibility for the wellness incentive will be verified following the 2020 Open Enrollment period.  

2020 CEBCO Wellness Program 

The 2020 Wellness Program runs from 8/16/2019 to 8/14/2020. All employees and spouses are invited to actively participate in the County’s wellness program and engage in healthy lifestyle programming activities and events. 

*** CEBCO announced important updates about adjustments to the 2020 Wellness Program on 5/14/20. To view the updated point/activity requirements, please read the 2020 Wellness Program Handout . ***

To complete the 2020 Wellness Program and earn the wellness incentive (i.e., premium discount) in 2021, employees and spouses covered under the CEBCO medical plan must earn a total of 600 wellness points, which consists of a Health Evaluation (blood draw) worth 300 points and a combination of elective activities. All wellness points must be recorded/tracked in your individual Interactive Health portal account.

  • Health Evaluations must be completed between 8/16/19 and 7/31/20 (date has been extended from 7/15/20); all other activities count between 8/16/19 and 8/14/20.                                                  
  • There are three options for completing this mandatory activity: #1 – Onsite (at the dates/times offered), #2 – Test at a Lab (LabCorp), #3 – Use your own physician. 2020 Health Evaluation_Three Ways to Participate 

On October 22, 2019, the Union County Commissioners adopted a Wellness Resolution allowing new employees, as well as new enrollees in the health insurance program, to receive the discounted wellness rates upon enrollment into the health plan. This is a great way for new employees and their families to become engaged in the County's wellness program. We welcome your participation and hope to see you soon at a wellness event! 

How are we doing with 2020 completions? 

Each month, CEBCO tracks the progress of each CEBCO county in terms of who has completed the Health Evaluations and full program requirements. As of April 19, 2020 when the last status report was issued, Union County was in 2nd place for total Wellness Program Completions! At this time, approximately 60% of Union County employees and 40% of our spouse population had completed the Health Evaluation portion of the wellness program, and about 1/3 of eligible employees and covered spouses completed the entire Wellness Program! Monthly Completions Report_Apr 2020.pdf

We want to remind you that an Early Completion Incentive Prize will be awarded to every employee and covered spouse who completes the program by June 1, 2020. Keep up the great work and good luck!

Ways to earn points for the Wellness Program

Participate in the Interactive Health Challenge "Water Works Challenge"

  • Enjoy the many benefits of drinking water throughout the day, like increased brain power, a healthier digestive system, clearer complexion, and more
  • Drink at least 6 cups of water for 5 days a week during this 4-week challenge
  • Registration is required (using your portal) and participants can earn 50 wellness points for completing this online challenge
  • Important dates: 
    • Challenge Registration: Friday, May 22, 2020
    • Challenge Start Date: Monday, June 1, 2020
    • Challenge End Date: Sunday, June 28, 2020
    • Last Day to Register: Friday, June 5, 2020

June Water Works Challenge

Preventive Care

  • Complete a Preventive Care exam from 8/16/19 - 8/14/20 
  • Each Preventive Care exam is worth 50 PT
  • You can earn UP TO 750 POINTS for this category 

2020 Approved Preventive Care 

ComPsych  COVID -19 Webinars

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a range of challenges and stressors in our personal and professional lives. Through the County’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employees and their families have access to a series of webinars to offer guidance and best practices to help navigate the unique situations that many people will encounter over the coming weeks. These webinars are free and participation is confidential.

This series includes 5 training topics, which were presented live in early April and now the recorded versions are available. If you would like to listen to one or more of the webinars, click on the link and you will be asked to provide you name and email  address,  select Register and the webinar will begin. 

Session Topics: 

TOPIC #1: Why Can’t I Stop Eating? How Emotions Impact Our Eating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Description: People are impacted by the news of the Coronavirus differently, but we know emotions can be heightened and uncertain. Add to this, a large majority of people working from home just mere steps away from the refrigerator and pantry, and we have a recipe for emotional eating. Salty chips, fat-laden pizza, and sugary desserts taste good and can feel like a coping strategy in the moment, but can leave feelings of shame, anger, and defeat. This webinar won’t be giving dieting advice with calorie recommendations but instead will focus on the relationship between emotions and food consumption, strategies for recognizing emotional eating, as well as strategies for retraining your body and mind to eat for physiological and not emotional reasons.


TOPIC #2: Managing Worry & Anxiety During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Description: The COVID-19 Pandemic has generated severe disruption, fear and even panic around the world. People are worried about catching the virus and passing it on, worried about loved ones becoming infected, worried about the financial impact of the shutdown on the economy and one’s livelihood and worries about whether food supplies will run out. While worry can alert us to actions we need to take to remain safe and secure, worry can also lead to anxiety, panic and impulsivity. This course will address how to distinguish helpful worry from unhelpful, anxiety provoking worry, and identify ways to manage the experience of anxiety.


TOPIC #3: Tools To Handle Covid-19-Related Stress

Description: This workshop focuses on specific activities to reduce stress caused by COVID-19. Participants will review proven stress-reducing techniques to such as: being accountable and recognizing the choices we can make, engaging in activities that encourage us such as hobbies, remembering past successes and how we have survived previous stressful situations, and taking breaks where we step away from a stressor for a moment of personal renewal. All of these techniques can help us to de-stress, and then do what we need to do in a more effective way.


TOPIC #4: Self-Isolating Together: How to Get Along With Your Partner and Kids During The Pandemic

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many changes in our everyday lives. We’re now spending more time than ever with the people we love. While there are many benefits to this added family time there are certainly struggles as well. Juggling multiple schedules, emotions and needs - all in one space - can be challenging. This session will help you navigate your relationship with your partner/spouse and kids while supporting your own wellbeing.


TOPIC #5: Being An Effective Manager During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Description: This training session is for supervisors only. The way we manage our departments and staff, as well as our personal lives, during this time of the coronavirus pandemic is new to everyone. One could say we are all in this together and to an extent that is true. However, we are also all individuals so we will all face the crisis differently. One thing we have in common as managers though is that we are still responsible for the productivity of our departments and staff. In this session we’ll give you some suggestions and tips to help you in your job as a manager.


Syncing your Smartphone with Interactive Health

  • Sync your Device OR Log Steps (30 day look back) OR Convert Activity to Steps
    • Earn 1 point /day for walking 7,500 steps/day
  • Max points per program year is 100 points
  • Self-report your points or they can be uploaded automatically if your device is synced.
  • To sync your device with the Interactive Health app using the attached flyer IH Device Instructions-2020

Complete an Interactive Health Online Workshop

  • Register through your portal: www.myinteractivehealth.com
    • From your dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Online Wellness Workshops-Get Started
  • Workshops vary in length from 1 to 4 weeks
  • Earn 25 points per workshop (50 points per program year)
  • Interactive Health verifies completion and adds the points for you

Complete an Interactive Health Online Webinar

  • Webinars can be found on your Interactive Health portal
    • Click on Health Library at the top of your Dashboard
    • Click on Health Webinars
  • Archived Webinars are under the heading “Previous Webinars” and you will scroll down to see the list
  • Self-report your points under Complete a Local Activity - 25 points/Watch Interactive Health Monthly Webinar

Donate Blood or Plasma

  • This can be done through a community sponsored blood drive or donation center
  • Self-report your points under Complete a Local Activity-25 points/Donate Blood

Try a New Relaxation Technique

  • Try a technique that you have not tried before and do it every day for one week
  • Completely unplug from all electronics/T.V. for one hour before bed (use this time to read a book or journal instead)
  • Download an app like Breathe or Calm to discover breathing, meditation, or sleeping techniques
  • Sit in solitude in nature for 15 minutes each day without interruption
  • Self-report your points under Complete a Local Activity-25 points/Try a New Relaxation Technique

Use a Health Fitness Tracker via Portal

  • Try out one of the health and fitness trackers by selecting one from the right hand side of your Interactive Health dashboard page (Manage Your Health and Fitness Trackers)
  • Tracker selections include steps, sleep, cardio, mood, fruit intake, vegetable intake, water consumption, and weight
  • Log information for a minimum of 30 consecutive days
  • Self-report your points under Complete a Local Activity-25 points/Use Health and Fitness Tracker via Portal

Participate in an Exercise Program/Class (workout 15 times/month)

  • A workout is considered at least 30 minutes of getting your heart rate up
  • Take part in a virtual exercise class
  • Check out local parks,trails and paths that are open to the public for outdoor hiking and walking 
  • Self-report your points under Complete a Local Activity-50 points/Workout 15 Times/Month

Financial Wellbeing Workshop/Course

  • Any financial wellbeing workshop or course (must be a minimum of 30 minutes) that is offered by a credible company or community resource, online or in person
  • Ohio Public Employers Retirement System (OPERS) - 
  • Self-report your points under Complete a Local Activity-50 points/Financial Wellbeing Workshop

Complete a CEBCO LifeStyle Management Program

  • A lifestyle management program includes Diabetes Prevention Program (Solera), Quit Line, and Interactive Health coaching 
  • Self-report your points upon completion under Complete a Local Activity-50 points/LifeStyle Management Program

During these unprecedented times it can be challenging to figure out how to complete wellness activities. Below are a list of websites or apps with information about yoga and other fitness topics that you can use to help complete wellness activities: 




***Individuals can earn UP TO 750 POINTS (25 pt. and 50 pt. activities) under the Complete a Local Activity category. Points can be earned a variety of ways and offer a lot of flexibility in helping you meet your wellness goals! Please see the list of activities that count under the Complete a Local Activity Approved 25pt _ 50 pt Activities.

Financial Wellness Resources

Individual Portal AccountsEmployees and any spouse covered on the County’s health plan will need to create, manage and track wellness points through individual portal accounts at www.myinteractivehealth.com. First time users must use the following sponsor code to access the program: TMUYW. 

CEBCO Engage app: All Union County employees covered under the CEBCO medical insurance plan have access to the Engage APP. Engage is a one-stop application that houses access to all CEBCO health plan benefits and programs, including the wellness program. Find and download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Here is some the information you can find using the Engage app: 

  • See all of your medical and pharmacy benefits in one place, including your ID card.
  • Participate in well-being challenges, record completion of wellness activities, and self-report points earned.
  • Search for doctors and read ratings and reviews from real patients.
  • View the costs for medical services before you set up a visit. 

SoleraWe’ve teamed up with Solera to bring you no-cost online and virtual health and wellness programs for Diabetes Prevention. When you qualify and enroll, you’ll get everything you need to help you make healthier food choices, move more, and lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. And it’s available at no cost to you from the safety of your own home. Take the one-minute quiz to see if you qualify at: Solera or call 844-206-3728, Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. 

Getting started is simple and easy!

  • Take our short health quiz and answer a few questions so we can customize your wellness plan
  • Pick a program that works for you including leading digital solutions and virtual classes
  • Get tools like a Fitbit® activity tracker when you participate for 4 weeks
  • Personalize your program with the help of a trained health coach

Tobacco Cessation Resources: CEBCO offers Tobacco Cessation resources, including free nicotine replacement therapy, to enrolled subscribers (ages 18 and older) in the CEBCO medical insurance program. 

ComPsych GuidanceResources: Union County employees have access to a variety of resources. There are a variety of health and wellness resources. The ComPsych GuidanceResource program offers someone to talk to and resources to help 24/7.  

Live Health Online: LiveHealth Online (featuring a $0 copay) is also available 24/7 and allows you to connect to a board-certified doctor using your smartphone, tablet or computer. LiveHealth Online Psychology (featuring a $15 copay) is also available from 7am – 11pm. 

Check back soon for more information on the upcoming events for the 2020 Wellness Program! 

Questions? Contact your wellness team and let us know how we can help!

Human Resources Department: thimes@co.union.oh.us or call 645-3106 
Union County Wellness Committee: wellnessgroup@co.union.oh.us